Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Suzanne Cremieux (1895-1976)

Suzanne Cremieux, daughter of Fernand Cremieux, was born in Paris on 29 June 1895 and spent her childhood in the department of Gard. In 1916 she married Capt. Robert Schreiber with whom she had three children: Jean-Claude, Marie-Claire and Marie-Genevieve. They divorced shortly before the start of WWII.

Faithful to the ideas of her father, Suzanne joined the Radical Socialist Party in 1924 and campaigned for women's voting rights within the UFSF in the 1930s. She was delegated to the League of Nations in 1938 and joined the firm of Marc Rucart, Minister of Health. When war was declared, it was responsible for the evacuation of children from the Paris region.

In June 1940, with other members of the former government, Suzanne and her family boarded the Massilia, sailing for Morocco.

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