Sunday, September 6, 2015

Genevieve Soulie (1919-)

Genevieve Soulié, the daughter of an English mother, was born in France in 1919. 

A 21-year-old with blond hair in pigtails, she was working in a Paris bookstore when she was recruited by the Burgundy Resistance network created and directed by Georges Broussine. The purpose of this network was to repatriate Allied airmen downed by the Germans in occupied territory. More than 300 airmen were returned to their bases in England. 

The fact that Genevieve was fluent in English was a great asset to the network. She acquired lodging for Allied airmen in Burgundy and kept constant watch on the men under her care, making certain that that they were safe. She made sure that the men kept quiet and that neighbors did not know downed servicemen were lodging in houses next door. She also attempted to make their confinement comfortable until they could be repatriated. She visited with them and brought them cigarettes and books. After a rendezvous had been arranged, she would lead the airmen to their rescuers. She helped 136 servicemen escape France and return safely to England. Eighty-four of them were Americans.

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