Sunday, September 13, 2015

Helene Langevin-Solomon (1909-1995)

Helene Langevin was the daughter of the great scholar Paul Langevin and wife of writer Jacques Solomon, who she married in 1929.

On 2 March 1942, Jacques was arrested in a Paris cafe where he was having a working meeting for L'Universite'. He was interned at the police station until March 20, then at Cherche-Midi prison until May 11 and finally at La Sante Prison. He was handed over to the Germans and shot as a hostage on May 23 at Fort Mont-Valerien.

Helene was arrested on 10 March 1942 and eventually put on the Convoi des 31000 for Auschwicz. She was later transferred to Ravensbruck.

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