Saturday, September 12, 2015

Micheline Maurel (1916-2009)

Micheline Maurel, daughter of radio pioneer Edourd Maurel, was born in Toulon, France on 17 July 1916.

She joined the Marco Polo Resistance network in November 1942 and was arrested by the Gestapo on 19 Jun 1943. Micheline was interned at Fort Romainville before being deported to Neubrandebourg (an annex of Ravensbruck) on 29 August 1943.

Twenty months later, in April 1945, she was liberated by the advancing Russian troops and returned to Toulon where she held a teaching position from September 1946 to June 1948. She left her teaching position to become a translator at the World Health Organization and headquarters of the International Red Cross in Geneva.

In the late 50s, she embarked on writing and publishing several works: memories of the camps, children's stories and poetry. Affected by the suicide of her adopted daughter, Magali Maurel (1961-1990), She published a collection of poems in Magali's memory. Micheline holds the Croix de Buerre with palm, the Commemorative Medal of voluntary services in Free France and Knight of the Legion of Honour.

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