Thursday, September 17, 2015

Evelyne Hammel-Sullerot (1924-)

Evelyne Hammel, daughter of Dr. Andre Hammel and Georgette Roustain, was born in Montrouge, France on 10 October 1924. Dr. Hammel made one of the first psychiatric clinics in France. His wife died of hunger and cold at Valence station in 1943. Both, very religiously committed to Protestantism socially and politically, were given the posthumous title of Righteous among the nations, for having saved eleven Jews during the German occupation.

During her year of philosophy, Évelyne was arrested by the Vichy police and charged with "antinational propaganda and hostile remarks about the Head of the State" (Petain). After her release, she returned to the German zone of occupation and joined the Resistance, becoming a member of the OCMJ (Military and Civilian Organization of Young People).

She later married François Sullerot, with whom she had four children and went on to become a French feminist.

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