Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Francette Pejot-Jarre (1914-2010)

In January 1942, inspired by Radio London broadcasts, Francette joined the Sniper Resistance network led by Jean-Pierre Lévy. She was arrested on 24 October 1942 when his apartment was raided by the French police and imprisoned until February 1943 at the Prison Saint-Joseph de Lyon.

At the end of 1943, she escaped arrest by the militia and joined several leading members of Sniper in Paris. She was arrested by German police on 30 June 1944 and deported to Ravensbrück on August 25. When the camp was evacuated in April 1945, she managed to escape with five comrades.

Francette Pejot was born in Lyon, France on 17 October 1914. In March 1946 she married Maurice Jarre with whom she had a son, Jean-Michel Jarre (the composer of electronic music). The couple divorced 5 years later. She died on 21 April 2010 in a hospital southwest of Gerard Collumb, France. Her son later wrote:

"My mother was a very important influence on me. She was an important figure in the French Resistance. I think she gave me a sense of tolerance and a sense of loyalty to your beliefs. When I was a child and even through my teens and as a young adult there was a profound anti-German feeling in France. My mother taught me the difference between Nazis and Germans, she taught me to never confuse the people with an idea."

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